Sunday, August 13th—The last day of camp’s 123rd season started with a blast from the cannon! A final breakfast concluded with council goodbyes, and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups. For acting, Jimmy Tomb and Ned Read won the Green Room Cup and the Coons Cup respectively. For stage crew, Charlie Sims won the Pop Watson Cup. For activities, Brewer Stone won the Anniversary Cup, and the Woodpeckers won the club contest for the first time since 1978! After singing the final two verses of the camp song in Mem Hall, the campers finished packing and prepared for their final Inspection. In the Chapel line, Inspector General Tim Jenkins awarded the Inspection Cup to Stanwood Porches. With tons of gear in hand and on shoulder, we marched one last time down to our chapel, where Mr. Vinnie gave a sermon about pursuing our best at home. After the service, we had a tearful goodbye and the 2017 camp season came to an end. Quietly, all excused.