We awoke sharply at 7am to the sound of the canon followed by the final Reveille of the summer, which was delivered beautifully by bugler Ryder Hopkins. As we energetically raced through the morning routine, Wilson and Jackson exchanged railroads in acknowledgement of the summer-long race to be ready first each morning. During announcements, the council shared their goodbyes to the community. Taylor West drew tears from most of camp during his heartfelt goodbye and reminder to keep coming back to this place. With our hearts heavy from the weight of the goodbyes but still light from the joyful memories of the summer, we rose and sang the final two verses of the camp song. Then we began the epic packing process. With the dorms barren, bags loaded on the truck to be driven down the hill, and each boy dressed in their Sunday Pasquaney best, we gathered for one more walk to the chapel in the pines. After we sang the hymn “American Anthem,” Mr. Michael gave a Chapel Talk on bringing what we learned at camp home with us. We joined together for a mess of hugs and tears as we said goodbye under the pines and beeches. Within the hour, the hillside was silent besides the rustling of the leaves.

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