Sunday, August 14th — The final day of Camp Pasquaney’s 122nd season began with a loud shot from Mr. Vinnie’s cannon and an inspired playing of reveille from Spencer Campbell. After breakfast the council said their goodbyes and awarded a few final cups. Three theater cups were given: Roderick Caperton won the Green Room Cup, Jimmy Tomb won the Coons Cup, and Ollie Longo won the Pop Watson Cup. The two activity/club cups were also awarded, Sam Randall and Carlos Davis won the Anniversary Cup, though Carlos’s winning of it was discovered later on reexamination of the point tally, and the Woodchucks won the club competition for the first time in the new millennium. After singing the first verse (accidentally) and the last verse of the camp song, we headed back to the dorms to pack and prepare for chapel. There was a final inspection to ensure the dorms were emptied of all gear and campers were ready to depart. Immediately afterwards we formed our chapel line behind the office where it was announced that Dana Hall had won the inspection cup, setting a great example for camp. With backpacks on and shop projects in hand, we headed down the chapel path one final time. Mr. Vinnie gave a sermon on taking the values of Pasquaney home with you. After the service, and with tears in our eyes, we said our goodbyes. Camp’s 122nd season thus concluded, each of us prepared to return to our homes and schools over the “long activity period” with Pasquaney in our hearts.