A blast from the Hobb’s field cannon kickstarted the last day of camp’s 128th season! Council goodbyes and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups concluded our final meal in Mem Hall. For acting, both Charlie Linz and Olliver Smith were named recipients of the Green Room Cup for their electric performances in Charlie’s Aunt, and Henry Keysor was awarded the Coons Cup for his hilarious performance in Face the Music. For stage crew, Logan Shearer’s steadfast commitment to building sets won him the Pop Watson Cup. For activities, Rob Head won the Anniversary Cup, and the Beavers took back the throne of superior club by winning the Club Contest! We then locked arms at our tables and sang the final two verses of the camp song which had many folks tearing up. Campers proceeded to pack and prepare for the final Inspection which for Cardigan and Stanwood had high stakes since they were perfectly tied for the season. Bugle for inspection blew and shortly after in the Chapel line, there was a historic first! Inspector General, Jack Anderson awarded the Inspection Cup to both Stanwood Porches and Cardigan as they both got 2 points. We walked the Chapel path for the last time, reminiscing on the past seven weeks. Mr. Michael’s sermon revolved around loyalty and gratitude and how both of those values are actionable and should be practiced away from camp. Before we knew it the service had ended, and an onslaught of tearful goodbyes ensued. Boys, you will be dearly missed, quietly all excused.