The last day of camp’s 121st season started off with a bang, literally. A last hearty breakfast from Gary and Doug concluded with some humorous council goodbyes, and the presentation of a handful of theater and activity cups. For acting, Noah de Boor and Buckley Huffstetler won the Green Room Cup and the Coons Cup respectively. For stage crew, Will Krulak won the Pop Watson Cup. For activities, Jimmy Bocock and Bay Harvey won the Anniversary Cup, and the Beavers had an admirable win in the club contest. After a rousing rendition of the final two verses of the camp song in Mem Hall, the campers did an efficient job gathering up the rest of their gear, collecting shop projects, taking their trunks and suitcases to Headquarters and the flagpole, and readying their dorms for the final inspection. In the chapel line, Inspector General Henry Valk awarded the inspection cup to a deserving Stanwood. With tons of gear in hand and on shoulder, we marched one last time down to our pine chapel with conflicting senses of excitement and sadness. Mr. Vinnie gave sermon about pursuing our best at home. After the service, we gave each other some tearful goodbyes, some to hold us over until next summer, some for much longer. So what now, as we return to our lives away from the hillside? I think of a passage from today’s sermon: “Now is the challenge of taking Pasquaney home, carrying the values with us, the true test of whether this has been successful summer. Out there is where we determine a banner season.” There is a long activity period scheduled for this year. The official COD time is ‘right now’. Quietly, all excused.