This morning followed the typical Sunday schedule of late Reveille followed by our usual morning routine. After the duty period we headed down for a refreshing ten o’clock tub. The Long Walk took upper camp showers because they were going to take the Long Walk photo before Inspection. Inspection was a typical one for this summer, with Cardigan, Adams, Jackson, and Stanwood all vying for the top spot. Adams ended up winning today, followed by the other three. After Inspection we headed over to the normal chapel for the first time in three weeks. Because of rain, the two previous Sundays had forced us to have chapel in the theater. Amidst the great trees of the Pasquaney chapel, Mr. Michael gave a wise and fitting chapel talk on friendship. After a delicious Sunday lunch, we had extended rest, which was followed by the longest camper meeting in recent memory. It went on so long that it was interrupted by cookout at Mem Hall (due to rain), and then continued for a short amount of time after singing. We ended the day after Circles, snuggling into our bunks while listening to the relaxing sound of rain hitting our roofs.