Sunday, August 6th—Today we woke up to howling wind and chilly showers. After duties we went down to tub to see Lake Newfound filled with white caps and large wind gusts. With crew races coming later in the day some guys were worried about the wind. During lunch the PYC (Pasquaney Yacht Club) council decided to host the Sailing Regatta finals, which had six boats racing in it. It was a tight race. One boat’s jib halyard broke mid-race, and they had to drop out. Peter Denious and Bay Harvey ended up winning the race. Immediately following the regatta, the crew races began. The two crews of Birch and Dana each had four boats. The Fourth boats started it off with Birch winning. Dana won the Junior, Third, and Senior boat races. After Cookout, we sang down at the waterfront and headed up to Mines, Prayers, and Circles. Afterwards, everyone turned in.