In the morning we woke and had morning prayers and then a nice breakfast followed by our duty period. We had a tub to clean up ourselves, and then we had inspection prep. We had the trustees walk through during this inspection. In the afternoon, we had a Chapel Talk on finding happiness and satisfaction in life. After the talk, we had a filling lunch and then an extended rest. It was also announced that there was a surprising four-way tie for first place in inspection, which later turned out to be a mathematical error by the Inspector General and instead there was a first-place winner and a three way tie for second place. After the inspections, we had a cookout down at the waterfront while the annual crew races happened. The races began with the Fourth Boat race. Then we had an exciting Junior Boat race where the Dana Boat broke its steering. Then we had a close Third Boat race where Birch came out on top. The Senior and Junior Boat race will happen at a later date due to the broken boat. For the final race, it was a showdown between the Trad boat and a counsellor boat. The counsellor boat took down the Trad boat easily. All and all, it was a very memorable evening.

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