Sunday, August 7th — This morning we woke up to the reveille bugle with a big Sunday ahead of us. Because it was Trustees Weekend, we had a big inspection ahead of us, as well as crew races, and the last Sunday afternoon of the summer. At 11:00 AM, inspection started, and because Trustees were here, the inspection counted double towards the inspection cup. Adams won first place with exactly one point-per-man, then Dana and Stanwood came in second and third respectively. We then marched to chapel in pairs of two for a service about not putting others down to build yourself up, and also about how your actions should reflect a desire for long-term respect instead of short-term popularity. Following chapel, we had a big last Sunday lunch of the year and a long hour-and-a-half rest. Camper and Council meetings went smoothly and we had lots of free time afterwards. Crew races were all close this year. Dana Crew won Fourth Boat, Junior Boat, and Senior Boat races, and Birch Crew won the Third Boat race. Both Junior and Senior races were won by less than a seat. After the races we had singing, the winning coxswains got thrown in the water, and then we had circles. All in all it was a big day.