(Based on spongebob) HOMKKKK, ah yes another pleasant day on the Hillside as each one and every citizen of camp arose from their beds ready to do their regular morning tasks, prayers, mines, prepare the dorm, and head to breakfast. 


You’re quite a boring narrator aren’t ye?? Lemme take over! 

-eh? Fine!

-Alright, are ye ready laddys? OOHH, who live in the trees above the lake, CAMP PASQUANEY! . . .

-Now where was I? OH! Yes, after all the crewmates of the mighty Pasquaney ship head for breakfast, duties, tub and inspection everyone headed for chapel, which was all done by one of our mightiest warriors: Sir Townley Chisholm!! After an appetizing lunch and rest, both camper and council meetings had their final meetings as well as an amazing Mines Play (awesome job mines committee! Bravo!). And finally…CREW RACES!!! All the mighty crew warriors of the ship went down to prepare and head out for their races as the super crew prepared to feed the others with the most magical krabby patties. In the end: Trad, Birch, and one Dana boat won, followed by hearty singing, mines, circles and taps. GOOD NIGHT PASQUANEY!