Today was a fun-filled, exciting day with many competitions and was the last day of Trustees Weekend. During inspection preparation, we prepared our dorms with more efficiency and effort because this inspection counted double for the Inspection Cup. The Trustees walked through the dorms during inspection, so all of our bunks looked extra neat and organized. In the Chapel, Mr. Vinnie gave a talk about what separates people and how the barriers between people can negatively affect friendships. He used examples from times of segregation and the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Everyone learned that we can all come together and settle our differences and understand all the different things people are going through. Later after camper and council meeting, there was soccer on Hobbs Field and diving at the waterfront. Later we had the crew races with the Dana Rowing Club winning in the Fourth, the Third, and the Senior Boat races and the Birch Rowing Club winning the Junior Boat race. After the races, we had singing and our third to last dorm circles of the season. All in all, it was a good day.