We woke up to a breakfast of warm waffles, bacon and delicious caramel sauce. We had a good cleaning at tub, followed by an inspection. At the chapel service, Mr. Michael gave a deeply personal and moving chapel talk about how to stand up for what you believe in, even when it’s the harder thing to do. We then had our camper meeting, which was fun but also productive. We played football down on Hobbs Field. There were some spectacular catches and an amazing drive to decide the winner, and we all headed down to soak afterwards to cool off. Dinner was burgers and hot dogs at the waterfront, provided by the 15 year-old supper crew. For Campfire we had singing and finished with one of the loudest PASQUANEY! at the end of the railroad that I’ve ever heard. We finished with a beautiful Taps, played by Robert Head, and went to sleep.