Sunday morning felt very slow with late Reveille. The day started off clear and cool and gradually started to rain in the afternoon. There was tub in the morning with the promise of warm showers; however, the water was cold. Following tub, we had inspection prep and then inspection. The inspection counsellors were very thorough and took off many points for all of the dorms. In the end, Dana came out on top. After inspection we found our chapel partners and lined up above the office. Mr. Michael’s Chapel Talk was about being ok with being uncomfortable. He talked about how his father went on very difficult canoeing trips and how his father learned that he wouldn’t grow unless he was challenged. We had a hearty lunch and wrote letters during rest. Next was camper meeting, which was short and concise. The meeting consisted of conversations about the Mines, food, weather, and a lot about the Mem Hall mines. There was a long free time where campers played basketball in the rain or ping pong in the theater. We all took our raincoats and went down to the waterfront for a cookout. We had hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. The rain died down before we finished our meal, and we went back to the bathhouse for singing. At the end of singing, we could hear the railroad echo on the lake. We closed up the day with mines, prayers, circles, and then Taps.