Sunday, July 15th—Today we had duties, after which we went to Tub. Some parents joined their children for Chapel. Then, a group of us left with our parents to go out to lunch. Other kids whose parents did not come got to eat Moon Rocks for dessert. Moon Rocks are balls of ice cream rolled in cake crumbs, crushed oreos, and M&Ms—they’re delicious! When we were out, we were able to catch the end of the World Cup final, which was France vs. Croatia. France won 4-2! When we came back, we had Camper Meeting, during which we discussed the possibility of a ping pong table and a new plunger for the mines. After that, we had free time, filled with things such as a Theater Play rehearsal and body circuits. We then had Soak, which the body circuit group jogged down for. Then, we had a cookout where we had unusual options such as macaroni and cheese and BBQ chicken. Following dinner, we had Singing and sang “Limericks” for the first time this year. After mines, we had Circles to wrap up the day.