Sunday, July 16th — The second day of Visiting Weekend, we had Inspection, which was followed by Chapel. Mr. Vinnie talked about truth and honesty. After chapel, some of the boys went out to have lunch with their parents. The other group of boys stayed at camp to enjoy a hearty meal of turkey, stuffing, and all sorts of Thanksgiving goodness. The highlight of the meal was a delicious dessert of Moonrocks. Moonrocks are balls of ice cream packed inside cake and Oreo bits sprinkled with M&M’s. After lunch we had a long rest until 3:30, which was followed by a camper meeting. The meeting ended with some hilarious suggestions from the box and two railroads for the Council and Pasquaney. After that we had free time with some options on Hobbs Field: soccer, lacrosse, and spike ball. Some people also ran loops around camp. Upon finishing all the activities we had a 6:30 cookout. When the cookout was finished, we headed up to camp for Singing, Mines, Prayers, and Circles. What a great day!