Sunday, July 17th Yesterday we woke up to a rainy 62 degrees – a gloomy start to Parents Visiting day. Thankfully, as the day continued, the blue skies emerged and the sun appeared. Inspection started at 10:30 for upper camp and 10:40 for the dorms and Cardigan and Adams tied for first place. Mr. Vinnie’s chapel sermon was about the importance of trust and honesty. Some boys went out to lunch with their parents while the rest enjoyed a delicious lunch of turkey and ice cream [whole turkeys carved by the council and Moon Rocks] in Memorial Hall. After camper meeting, there was Ultimate Frisbee on the ball field. We had a cookout at the waterfront at 6:30 and then had singing and circles before bed. All in all, it was a good day.

Jack Riggs (TCDF); Stewart Denious, COD