Camp awoke on July 19th to a brisk, cool morning. Showers were had and we made our way to breakfast. After tub and a quick dorm inspection, we had a rainy chapel in the theater where Mr. Vinnie gave a great talk about kindness. Some campers went to go eat lunch with their parents while others stayed behind and had a regular Sunday lunch. The portion of camp that stayed back was treated with enormous council-made moon rocks. After a long camper meeting that followed rest, the sky broke open. The thunder, lightning, and rain came, and it didn’t stop for hours. The Trustee’s Weekend Play held a rehearsal, and the actors were stuck at Baird Hall because of the torrential downpour. The excess in rain impeded all outdoor activities, and the Sunday cookout was held at Mem Hall rather than the waterfront. Singing was held at Baird Hall and moved inside because the rain came back. Mines time came and went, and Circles were held after prayers. The day ended with taps and a good night’s sleep.