We woke to a hot morning. The hot weather made tub a sought after part of the day. Inspection followed, with very good results all around. Stanwood took the victory, winning with only 5 points for 14 people. After the dorms had their inspections, we walked to Chapel, where Townley Chisolm spoke to us about his adopted baby turkey. It may seem funny, but his sermon served as a metaphor for seeing the miracle in all things and loving people for who they are. Sunday lunch brought with it delicious roast beef and potatoes and for dessert, mint chocolate chip ice cream which cooled us off from the excruciating heat. After sleeping off the meal and writing to our parents we had our final camper meeting before the Long Walk departed. During free time, Will Harvey and Jack Reigeluth combined body circuits and sailing to get… Water Aerobics! Jafar announced his inspection results from a dinghy in the lake during the cookout, and as with all Sundays, singing and circles marked the end of our busy day.