Sunday, July 23rd—We woke up to a brisk morning of prayers and cold showers, which was followed by a hearty breakfast and duty period. After a cleansing Sunday Tub, we headed back up to prepare our bunks for Inspection, which was followed by Inspection itself. Birch and Wilson tied with a very impressive 0.4 points per man. Following Inspection, we had Chapel which constituted a rousing Chapel Talk by Mr. Vinnie on the topic of being kind and respectful. After Chapel we ate a delicious Sunday lunch, which is when the 2017 Long Walk members were officially announced and given their Long Walk shirts. We then had a long rest which was followed by Camper Meeting. We let our energy out in the free time that followed and went down to Sunday Cookout for hamburgers and hotdogs. Campfire was a very successful and enjoyable Singing and Circles. It was another satisfying day at Camp Pasquaney.