Sunday, July 24th Sunday was pretty normal, but there were some differences. We woke up, had mines time, and ate breakfast. We then had tub with some really cold showers. After tub we had inspection preparation and then inspection. Many dorms did well, but Adams got 1st place with only 6 points off which is very good. After inspection, we lined up and headed down to chapel. Mr. Vinnie always has a good sermon, and this time it was about having faithful friends and surrounding yourself with good trustworthy people. From chapel, we walked up to Mem Hall for lunch. During announcements the Long Walk of 2016 was announced and given P16 shirts by Mr. Vinnie. We had rest directly after and then had an uneventful camper meeting. From then on, we had lots of free time. Then for dinner we had a cookout at the waterfront while the Long Walkers packed for their trip. It was also Dr. Vailas, the camp doctor’s, birthday, so we celebrated with cake and ice cream for dessert. In conclusion, it was a nice day.