Camp woke up to late Reveille at 7:30am. After breakfast, we had Tub. After Tub, we had forty minutes to prepare for inspection before it started. There were many inspectors and the emphasis was boxes and shelves. The inspectors went hard this time so Jackson got twelve points off. After Inspection we had Chapel. The talk was about true happiness and how to get there: facing adversity with virtue. Then we had meatloaf and apple pie for lunch. Rest was long before an entertaining camper meeting. Then we had freetime and soak. Cookout followed where we got to enjoy a beautiful sun set over the lake and some nice cake for Doctor Vailas’s birthday. Later we had singing which brought the energy for a big and loud shower party during Mines featuring the popular Alouette. Prayers, Circles, and Taps followed. All in all, the day was a normal and fun Sunday.