Sunday, July 30th—Sunday started with late Reveille at 7:30. After showering and breakfast we had a 10 A.M. Tub. Once Tub was over and we were all clean we started to prepare for inspection and get ready for Chapel. When inspection ended, all of camp lined up by the office two by two and walked on the Chapel Path to Chapel. Mr. Vinnie gave a sermon on knowing the difference between right and wrong and making tough decisions when everyone is against you. After Chapel, we had a classic Thanksgiving-style lunch followed by extended rest and Camper/Council Meeting. With lots of free time after the meetings got out, some boys went down to the ball field to play soccer and to the tennis courts to play tennis. During Sunday Cookout, the sixteen-year-olds took on the council in a softball game. The sixteen-year-olds took a quick 3-0 lead and the council was not able to come back, losing 4-0. Singing followed the cookout and the day ended with prayers and circles.