Yesterday, we woke to a lovely bugle call, and the morning was cold. We shivered our way to Dana, and campers were disappointed when the temperature was 1 degree above the 55 degree requirement for sweatpants in Mem Hall. Breakfast was lovely, and we started our duties with full bellies. Fast forward to after Tub when inspection was good all around with Stanwood taking home first place. Next was chapel where we were treated to an excellent talk by Jack Reigeluth that discussed being true to yourself rather than trying to please others. In one funny yet powerful moment, Jack reenacted a scene from Braveheart where Scottish soldiers are rallied to fight with reminders of the long term benefits of their choices. For dinner, camp went down to Hobbs Field for a cookout and watched the Council v. Council baseball game. The teams consisted of the Old Heads vs. New Bucks and the Old Heads took home a 4-2 victory. We finished the evening with singing and circles.

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