Sunday, July 31st — Today we had a late reveille at 7:30. After the duty period, we had freezing cold showers to get squeaky clean for Chapel. Bubbles gave a sermon on service as part of the Pasquaney spirit and the past directors who strived to preserve it. We then had an unusual Sunday cookout, which was located by the tennis courts instead of its usual location at the Waterfront so that we could watch the main event of the afternoon. While eating our burgers and hotdogs made by the 15-year-old supper crew, we watched the athletic council versus council baseball game. There were two home runs by Jake Matthai and Conor Finn which caused an uproar of excitement. Matt Woolverton’s team won 5-4 in the end. After the game, we had singing and circles followed by Taps. All in all, it was a relaxing Sunday.