Sunday, July 3rd Fed on waffles drizzled with maple syrup from the Phelps Family Farm, the boys listened eagerly as Head Duty Counsellor Peter Millspaugh read off the list of those charged with the task of making the five hundred and twenty-eight sandwiches needed for the first day of expeditions. After the COD read off the official time and table heads excused us from the meal, the sandwich crew set to work. Excited for the next day when they would feast on these sandwiches in the great New Hampshire wilderness, they broke into song as they smeared sunbutter and jelly onto slices of whole wheat bread. The boys constructed the final sandwich as the bugle blew, and they ran off to their dorms to grab their shampoo and head down for tub. Following their weekly ablutions, the boys readied their dorms for inspection (Dana came in first place for the second time in a row.) and lined up for chapel. Mr. Vinnie gave a talk on Kindness, Thoughtfulness, and Consideration in which he told stories of moments when the kindness of others enabled him to get through difficult times. After rest, the boys gathered on Dana Porch for their first camper meeting of the season. The main business of the meeting was the election of the four officers: Roderick Caperton as President, Mathew Scullin as Vice-President, Will Krulak as Secretary-Treasurer, and Diego Alvarez as Grand Bouncer. After the meeting was adjourned, the boys spent the afternoon packing for expeditions and had supper down at the waterfront. For campfire, Martin led the camp in singing, and, after mines and prayers, each dorm held a Circle (a time to talk over important issues and topics).