Sunday, June 24thToday the new boys had rotations during the morning activity period that gave them a taste of camp activities like baseball, tennis, and swimming. While they were at the waterfront, a majority of them swam their “raft” to be able to go diving. After the activity period, we had Soak in which we were given a life-saving review. During the lifesaving course, Robert and Sammy demonstrated how to properly save a distressed swimmer. Once the life-saving course was over we headed to Upper Camp for free time and our normal routine of a 1 o’clock lunch and rest. During the afternoon activity period, the new boys were shown the shop, nature, and theater programs. After the activity period, we began to get ready for inspection and it was the first inspection for the new boys. Once the inspection was over we had chapel where Mr. Vinnie gave a sermon about the importance of time and choosing what we do with our days wisely. As the day came to an end we all gathered in Mem Hall for dinner, and, before taps, each dorm had their first circle.