Our first full day of Camp started with Reveille and the usual morning routine. This was a new experience for many campers, but they quickly learned the ropes. After a delicious breakfast, campers took on the challenge of their first duty period. This Sunday was abnormal because it included two activity periods. During this time the new boys got their first taste of activities in both upper and lower camp. Returners helped out at every activity, providing helpful insight to how activities run. Following our second activity period, campers returned to the dorms for the first inspection of the year. After inspection, campers paired up for our chapel procession. In the chapel in the pines, Mr. Michael gave his sermon about the importance of a growth mindset and how it helps campers and counselors make the most of their “one wild and precious summer.” We proceeded from chapel to a delicious dinner of pulled-pork-mac-and-cheese. After campers finished their evening duties, the camp gathered for our nightly routine of mines, prayers, and Circles, followed by Taps. As campers settled into bed, an immense lightning storm passed over the hillside. It was a spectacular sight to conclude our first full day.

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