It was a great second day on the Pasquaney hillside with both the young and old campers warming up to the camp routine. Campers woke up to a chilly 58 degrees and temperature quickly shot up to the high 80s. Camp continued a normal routine with mines, morning inspection, and a delicious breakfast of french toast sticks, eggs, and fresh fruit. The first duty period commenced soon after. New campers quickly figured out their respective duties with some guidance from older campers. After duties, campers and counselors alike were thrilled for the first activity period of the 2022 camp season! Throughout the activity period, there was a new boy rotation between tennis, baseball, and waterfront, and older boys were free to attend the activity of their choosing. Lunch and a quiet rest period followed. For the second activity period, the new campers continued their rotation at the shop, nature center, and the theater with returning campers helping out along the way. At 5:30, Pasquaney had its first Sunday inspection, led by the inspector general, Jack Anderson. We then walked down to the chapel where Mr. Michael talked about kindness and seizing opportunities. He concluded with the Mary Oliver quote: “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” After, we had a delicious Sunday thanksgiving-themed dinner, and wrapped up the day with circles. All in all, it was a phenomenal first full day at Pasquaney.