After the duty period, every camper went to an activity. In tennis, Jean Vivier and Fairfax Randall won the Senior Doubles Tennis Tournament. Rafe Dewey and Rhys Jones won the Junior Doubles Tournament and Emmett Brown and Aurelien Hullin won the Sub-Junior Doubles Tournament. On top of that, Rafe Dewey won the Junior Singles Tournament that afternoon! Other than that, there were not many big events in the morning. After Soak and some wall ball, everyone headed to lunch and announcements were made AGAIN! The main event of the afternoon was the final Senior League ballgame. It was a hard fight, but in the end Peter Davies’s Better Than Wavies won with a final score of 4-2. It was a fantastic game. For campfire we watched the Theater Play, Fools by Neil Simon. The 11 boys who were in this play tried their hardest to perform. In the end, their performance was excellent. As all campers said goodnight to Mr. Michael, they headed to bed after a very eventful day.

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