The date was Thursday, August 11th and it was a fruitful 62 degrees. The campers were reminded once again why they hated Reveille when it blew at 7:30. We partook in our usual morning routines then had delectable pancakes in Mem Hall. In Nature, there was a Sculptured Rock specie. At Stage Crew, they finished the set for the Theater Play and Henry Powell won the Senior League Tennis Final. For lunch, we had Billy’s finest chicken tenders with after tots and many different condiments. The Senior League Final Baseball game was Davies vs Davies and Davies won. (Peter Davies’ Stealing Candy from Babies won 8-4.) Meanwhile, the spectators gorged themselves on Mary Lamb. Dinner was tacos with ice cream sandwiches for dessert. For Campfire, we packed into the theater to watch a performance of “Charley’s Aunt.” The show was an hour and 15 minutes long and was a comedy. All and all it was a good day.