After waking from an extra half hour of sleep due to late reveille, we were greeted by an extremely hot day. During the first activity period, the final heats of the swims were held in each division. Crash Ackerly won the Senior 100-Yard Swim, Tristan Bonnet-Eymard won the Junior 50-Yard Swim, and Aubrey Duckworth won the Sub-Junior 25-Yard Swim. Several boys also competed in the Pasquaney Mile canoeing competition, which Jet Easterly and Max Reuter won. After rest, because of the scorching sun, Hobbs field was closed and baseball moved to the water. After that we watched the Glade Play, You Can’t Take it With You by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. The play was a comedy about a man from a rich family who is in love with a woman from a wacky family. When the woman invites the man’s parents over, they are horrified and decide they don’t want the two to marry. The play was really funny, and it was a good time. After the play we had dinner and then varied-option campfire.

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