Thursday, August 3rd—Upon campers’ return from overnight Not Joe’s, Reveille blew promptly at 7:30. A delicious breakfast of French toast followed. Immediately after an hour-long duty period came activities. Activities featured open project work in both nature and shop, the continuation of a senior league ball game, open tennis and an array of other activities to go to. There were 12:15 play rehearsals and a 12:55 bugle for lunch where an Asian cuisine meal was served. Rest and afternoon activities followed. Activities were immediately interrupted by thunderstorms, preventing all prior outdoor engagements. Campers were forced to remain in their locations for a couple of hours in order to wait for the storm to pass. Campers in the dorms occupied themselves with a rainy-day activity period followed by a 6:25 dinner and a 7:55 bugle for singing, which was held inside Baird Hall due to more thunderstorms. During dinner, the council “COSwaped” the COD, Julian Maldonado, on his birthday, performing a series of hilarious skits and harmless pranks in lieu of regular Mem Hall announcements. After singing, campers had Mines, Prayers, and some reflective Circles conversations. Taps blew around 9:30.