In the morning some people woke in their bunks and some people woke in other places because it was overnight Not-Joe’s last night. This week, it’s been exciting having all the older campers back after the Long Walk; it was lonely without older campers at the bunks during prayers last week. We had activities in the morning, which included a Mr. Vinnie’s Rock canoeing specie. In the afternoon, there was a Mayhew baseball game, where a bunch of sub-juniors went to Mayhew Island to play ball and take a tour of their camp. They played nine full innings and we won 4-2 after a cookie break fueled everyone to play their best. For campfire, we had singing and we sang a couple of new songs that we hadn’t done yet this year. In “The Middle Of The Road” went very well and “Old Man Noah” went not as well for the first time singing them this season. All in all, it was a good day on the hillside.

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