Thursday August 4th — Today presented a ton of fantastic excitement to camp! Following breakfast, Kirk Phelps and Sam Denious led a group of boys on an all-day fishing trip to Greeley Pond. On Lake Newfound, Junior and Third Boat crews practiced in preparation for the upcoming big race on Sunday. After soak, first-year camper Andrey Novak, new to tennis prior to the summer, played against older counsellor Jack Reigeluth in a tennis match. When the dust settled, the score was tied 4 to 4. To be continued… In the afternoon the younger boys traveled to Camp Mayhew across the lake to play a baseball game and tour their camp. Back on Hobbs Field, “Levi Tyler’s Kentucky Fried Flyers” beat “Taylor West’s Home Run Fest” 3-2 in the thrilling Junior League Baseball Championship game. Former camper and counsellor Ken McNish arrived in the afternoon for a weekend visit. For campfire, we had singing and circles.  Segodnya bylo vessel!