We woke up at 7:30 this Thursday morning, because of the overnight Not-Joes from the night before. After waffles for breakfast, we had a standard activity period until lunch. For lunch there were coldcut sandwiches because the kitchen ran out of propane to power the stoves. Rest was long because of the quick sandwich lunch. In the afternoon activity period, there was the Junior league Baseball Finals, in which Liam Bonnet-Eymmard beat Gideon Farr 4-3 in the second extra inning after Liam stole home to win it. The first heat of the sailing regatta also took place, along with a specie to the Bristol Gorge. On that specie three campers: Matt O’Reilly, Peter Davies, and Elliot Beveridge, achieved the extremely difficult task of getting their Advanced Canoeist. Dinner was meat loaf, but when it ended, the radar picked up not one, but two windsorms coming our way from different directions. So everyone was sent back to the dorms to wait, and after Lorenzo, the COD, blew the air horn, campfire began with everyone’s favorite activity: hiding under bunks during the storm, followed by circles once the wind had passed. Once the storm had died down, we headed to prayers, then slept the lightning away. All in all, it was a day.