Camp returned from overnight Not-Joes at 7:15, and the normal routine with late reveille began. Trustee Ken McNish, who visited during and after expeditions but had never made it to a meal, was introduced at breakfast. The morning activities included tennis matches, Sub-Junior baseball instruction, various Water Sports competitions, and the opening heat of the Pasquaney Yacht Club Regatta. The high winds were both a blessing and a curse upon the sailors, either speeding the boats along or capsizing them. At lunch, Aidan Arnold was given the title of Solo Canoeist , becoming the eighth since 1936. The Mayhew game was the highlight of the afternoon. The Pasquaney boys beat Mayhew 10-2. Afterwards, the Mayhew boys gave the Pasquaney boys a tour of their island. Other afternoon activities were more tennis matches, soccer on Hobbs Field, and the second heat of the PYC Regatta. The Trustees Weekend cast was working hard all day to prepare for their upcoming performance on Saturday. In Stage Crew in particular, the set for the play was heavily emphasized and worked on. In the evening for campfire, we had singing and circles. Following circles, camp engaged in peaceful sleep.