Thursday, July 12th—After a late reveille on Thursday morning because of hikes the day before, the schedule was pushed back half an hour to 7:30 A.M.. The morning was relatively normal but in the afternoon the Thursday baseball game between Ballard Morton’s I Swing Therefore I Am and Jimmy Bocock’s Big Strong Jocks took place. You could go down and collect your Mary Lamb and then watch the game. It was an enjoyable afternoon with a variety of activities. Later in the evening, “Not Joe’s” began at 6 P.M. These small counsellor-led picnics took place at various places around the camp. It was a packed night as about seven different groups decided to eat at the bathhouse. There was lots of swimming and games.  It was an overall good day that was followed by singing and circles, an exercise where groups from dorms get to talk to each other deeply and tell each other stories before heading to bed.