Thursday, July 13th — The morning was cold and rainy, but we made the best of it! Nature went on a specie to pick blueberries with Kirk. Stage Crew played famous people and eye games in the theater.  Waterfront Director Rich DeSalvo held the War Canoe time trials, where each club’s nine youngest campers got to race in one huge canoe. There were club skit rehearsals after Soak. For lunch we had tacos! In the afternoon there was canoeing lacrosse and soccer on the baseball field, but the game was rained out, so instead we had spikeball, with a lot of people playing. The shop scheduled lathe work and box-making. For dinner we had “Nacho” Picnics, with roast beef sandwiches and Hershey’s bars for dessert.

(Editor’s Note: The Woodchucks won the war canoe time trials with a time of 48:55 seconds. The Woodpeckers, Beavers, and Chipmunks earned the next fastest times respectively, qualifying for the final rounds of racing on Water Sports Weekend.)