The day began with a late Reveille on a warm and dewey morning. Breakfast was delicious egg sandwiches made by our chef Billy. Following breakfast, there was a quick and efficient duty period and a delightful shortened activity period. The camp then met up at soak. After this, the camp gathered to eat a superb meal of pasta and meatballs. With everyone’s bellies full, a quiet and peaceful rest took place. The awakening sound of a bugle was all campers needed to go collect their Mary Lamb and watch a Senior League baseball game. As campers ate their Mary Lamb, they witnessed Peter Davies’s team battle Rob Head’s team to achieve a well earned 7-1 victory. This triumphant win marked the end of the long afternoon activity period and with it, Not-Joe’s began. After an enjoyable dinner away from Mem Hall, campers gathered in Mem Hall to sing. All went well until the final song, where a bolt of lightning was seen by many from afar. Camp then had a quick mines and insightful Circles to conclude another day on the hillside.

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