Thursday, July 19—Today we went on hikes. First Walk hiked up Mt. Lafayette and Mt. Lincoln. Second Walk hiked Mt. Liberty and Little Haystack. Third Walk hiked up Mt. Cannon while the Fourth and Fifth Walks hiked Mt. Cardigan and Firescrew. Personally, I spent my day on the Second Walk, and we started our hike with the Liberty Springs trail. We then reached the summit after a steep, three-mile accent. After lunch on top of Mt. Liberty, we hiked over to the Little Haystack peak. After that, we concluded the hike by walking down the Falling Waters Trail back to the parking lot. After all the hikes returned to camp, there were several play rehearsals and free time for the rest of camp. After dinner the campfire activity was a reading by Mr. Vinnie. He read two short stories, “The Ransom of Red Chief” and “The Interlopers.” After a great, long hike, we slept like babies.