On July 2nd the whole camp had hikes. The First Walk hiked up Cardigan Mountain and then up Firescrew. They had the most hikers out of all the walks. The Second Walk did the opposite of the First Walk, going up Firescrew before Cardigan. It was said that Sam Gowen ate a fly even when he knew it was on his sandwich! The Third Walk had their hike up Welch and Dickey—same with the Fourth Walk but in reverse. The Fifth Walk hiked up Little Sugarloaf and Big Sugarloaf, then up Bear mountain. Townley brought his dog Mosby, who is a great hiker. The Sixth Walk hiked the reverse, starting with Bear and finishing with Little Sugarloaf. When the Fifth and the Sixth Walk were on the bus, we saw another bear! All the hikes were great. After dinner Bubbles told us about his old scary stories and about paranormal activity around the White Mountains of New Hampshire, including Rat Man and the speckled wombat.