Today we woke up to a beautiful sunny day at 7:30 thanks to hikes the day before. At the waterfront, there was a round of sub-junior dinghy races along with a canoeing specie and opening sailing. At tennis, there were scheduled matches for the juniors and sub-juniors, while at the baseball field there was fun and games. The highlight of the afternoon was the sub-junior baseball game between Malcom Klingler’s’s Finger Slingers and Peter Davies Baseball Crazies. The Dinger Slingers won a tight game with the score of 1-0 with the only run being scored in the bottom of the first inning. For campfire, we had singing lead by Mat Scullin and energetic replacement Nicky Longo, since Martin is out on the Long Walk. After we sang tunes, we swiftly went to prayers and ended our day with circles.