Thursday, July 28th Yesterday was a great day. In the morning activity period there was Arena Ball on the baseball field. Arena ball is basically a funnier and more exciting version of baseball, and it is played with a tennis ball. In the morning we also had Sub-Junior dinghy races, which were exciting and everyone competed well. After this, we had some Sub-Junior tennis matches, which we heard went well. In the afternoon, there was a Sub-Junior baseball game between Bob Zhang’s team and Simon Brown’s team. It was a very exciting game, and – as it ended in a 0-0 tie – we will have to continue playing it on another day! Everyone played well, and it was a great game. During the game, the Short Walk arrived back from their trip, and everyone was overjoyed to see them .They told us that the trip was tough, but they pushed through it. After that, the day was practically over, and, after ending with singing and circles, I think we could all agree it was a great day.

—James Tomb (WSCT); Conway Staunton, COD