As we woke on this overcast morning, Pasquaney was still considerably reduced as both Short Walk and Long Walk were still out. After lunch, it started to drizzle. Short Walk returned during rest period, bringing back familiar faces. During their trip, which totaled 24 miles, the group notably summited Mt. Washington twice on two different trails. During the activity period, the sub-junior baseball game between Gideon Farr’s team and Phineus Sinclair’s team ended with a respective score 2-3, after being delayed earlier this week by thunderstorms. After the game, the sub-juniors headed to the waterfront for the first round of the 25-yard race, which counted towards the final sub-junior swimming competition. Later in the evening, Wilson left on an overnight trip. They were originally going canoeing to Cliff Island. Because of the expected rain, they instead went to the boathouse for the night. During dinner, the Short Walk recited this week’s achievements with a song. At this point, the drizzle became a heavy rainfall, so we had singing in a circle inside Baird Hall, instead of on the steps, as we usually do. After Circles, we went to bed to the soothing sound of rain.