Thanks to hikes, we slept in for half an hour later than usual. After the first activity period, all dorms had their third skit rehearsals in preparation for Saturday’s upcoming performance. Camp then headed over to Mem Hall for a delicious meal of spicy pulled pork and biscuits. The Mary Lamb was open for the first time of the year in the afternoon. Many of the campers got their candy and went to Hobbs Field to see the first senior league baseball game of the season between Taylor West Grass and Sam Randall’s Trees. Notable plays included Jules Finney hitting a grand slam in the second inning. By 5:30 however, the score was tied six to six and the game was put on hold. We then had our first Not Joe’s picnics of the summer. For campfire, we congregated by Baird Hall for singing, which went very well, followed by circles.