Thursday, June 28th—We started out our day by waking up with our first late reveille at 7:30 A.M.. It was raining heavily for much of the morning, so we also had our first rainy day activity period. The rainy day activities included shop, the card game One Night Werewolf, Ultimate Frisbee, and much more. After activities, there was an optional morning Soak followed by short dorm skit rehearsals. After lunch, there was supposed to be a Senior League ball game, but it was still raining so we had the Expedition Exposition! There were six stations: bear bags, itinerary review, packing, tents, Leave No Trace, and stoves. At each station, a counsellor explained to each expedition how to set up tents, stoves, etc. Finally we capped off the day with the first singing of 2018. Henry Anderson and Conway Staunton led singing which we ended with the one of the first railroads of the season.