Camp slowly woke up with a late Reveille. It was a chilly 58 degrees but sunny. Rather than heading to Dana for prayers, we first had to take covid tests in our dorms, so that hopefully the final restrictions could be lifted. In the morning the wind picked up, which made it a great day for sailing. This also made the first round of the senior obstacle races quite tricky. In nature there was a lichen walk. In the afternoon we had the first senior baseball game on Hobbes, between Peter Davies and Adrian Davies. The game lasted five intense innings and concluded with a 2-2 draw. For dinner, we had our first Not Joe’s Picnic where my group headed to Grey Rock’s nearby and saw salamanders and toads in the river bank. For the campfire we had an amazing night of music in the theater with performances by Counsellors’ Richardson, Anderson, Sculin, Bijoux, Biglow, and Carr. After a calm and thoughtful prayer we headed to bed.