In the 96th season’s first Tree Talk, Dick Beyer remarked that each summer campers and counsellors have stopped activities twice a week to spend a few minutes … listening to the thoughts and concerns of counsellors and camp directors. To those who have spent any amount of time at Pasquaney, Tree Talks and Chapel talks have become central parts of the camp experience.

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2023 Tree TalkS

August 11th – Tree Talk by Taylor West

August 4th – Tree Talk by Henry Anderson

July 31st – Tree Talk by Chase Carmody

July 21st – Tree Talk by Porter Barnes

July 15th – Tree Talk by Rabbit Barnes

June 30th – Tree Talk by Wesley Richardson

2022 Tree TalkS

July 15th – Tree Talk by Ollie Longo

July 11th – Tree Talk by Sam Dilley

July 1st – Tree Talk by Pip Carr

2021 Tree Talks

August 6th – Tree Talk by Nicky Longo

August 2nd – Tree Talk by Wesley Richardson

July 23rd – Tree Talk by Evan McClure

July 16th – Tree Talk by Tim Jenkins

July 2nd – Tree Talk by Henry Anderson

2020 Tree Talks

August 3rd – Tree Talk by Henry Anderson

July 27th – Tree Talk by Pip Carr

July 20th – Tree Talk by Matt Woolverton

2019 Tree Talks
August 7th – Tree Talk Bob Bulkeley

August 2nd – Tree Talk by Martin Millspaugh

July 29th – Tree Talk by Nicky Longo

July 19th – Tree Talk by Jules Finney

July 8th – Tree Talk by Jake Holton

June 28th – Tree Talk by Matthias Campbell

2018 Tree Talks

August 10th – Tree Talk by Conway Staunton

July 21st – Tree Talk by Tom Valk

2017 Tree Talks

August 11th – Tree Talk by Rich DeSalvo

August 4th – Tree Talk by Sam Denious

July 14th – Tree Talk by Bill Talley

2016 Tree Talks

August 15th – Tree Talk by Stewart Denious

August 5th – Tree Talk by Jake Matthai

July 22nd – Tree Talk by Sam Denious

July 15th – Tree Talk by Paul Davies

2015 Tree Talks

July 3rd – Tree Talk by Martin Millspaugh

August 4th – Tree Talk by Wes Sulloway

August 15th – Tree Talk by Tim Jenkins

2014 Tree Talks

Gumption by Tim Jenkins
Savoring by Kevin Cattrell
It Is All In The Details by Willis Bocock
Untitled by Christian Griffin
Commitment And Failure by David Cromwell
Blind Faith by Eric Crevoiserat

2013 Tree Talks

Seeking New Experiences by Ian Munsick
On Being A Donkey by Jack Reigeluth
Thought and Action by Jim MacDougall
Being a Triplet by Eric Crevoiserat

2012 Tree Talks

Mr. Charlie by Robert D. Bulkeley
Braving the Plunge by Jordan H. Gowen
On Confidence by Alex Kent
Being Yourself by Alex B. Newell
On Technology and Big Living by W. Harrison Hill
Home by Matthew Riley
Paying Attention by Richard G. P. DeSalvo

2011 Tree Talks

Communing With Nature by Charles Platt, V
Why Camp? by Walter Suskind
Self Reliance by Jim MacDougall
The Benefits of Thinking Small by Alex Kent
Prancing Out of Your Comfort Zone by Jack Reigeluth
Adversity by Christian Griffin

2010 Tree Talks

Service by Charles Platt, V

2009 Tree Talks

Learning by Michael Hanrahan
Forgiveness by Nat Proctor
A Natural Way of Living by Will Elting
Love by Bill MacInnis
Opportunity Knocks by Walter Suskind
Identity by Michael Morris
Good News by Richard G. P. DeSalvo

2008 Tree Talks

Confidence by Michael Hanrahan
Living in the Moment by Will Newell
Loneliness and Community by Harrison Hill
Apologies by Nate Carmody
Effective Communication by Alden Cadwell
The Gift of Attention: A Meditation… by Rob Denious
Lean on your Community by Graham Pearson

2007 Tree Talks

Happiness by Michael Hanrahan
The Power of a Moment by Christian Griffin
Finding Your Best Self Via Competition by Phil Hooper
Awareness by Will Elting
Comfort Zones by Charles Platt 5th
Struggling To Become Independent by Bill MacInnis
On Culture Shock by Richard G. P. DeSalvo

2005 Tree Talks

Glasses by Michael Hanrahan

2004 Tree Talks

Curiosity by David Wheelwright
Leadership by Michael Hanrahan

2003 Tree Talks

Fun by Alden Cadwell
Sense of Humanity by Andrew Riley
Living By Your Own Set of Rules by Briggs Anderson
Stop and Think by Chris Cadwell
Diversity and Difference by Chris Reigeluth
Growing Up by Michael Hanrahan

2002 Tree Talks

Finding Your True Character by Michael Hanrahan

2001 Tree Talks

Why I returned (shortened) by Matt Meredith
The Question of Life (shortened) by Michael Hanrahan
Bubbles and Attitude (shortened) by Briggs Anderson
Individuality (shortened) by Jon Allen
Being a Guardian of Pasquaney (shortened) by Jon Meredith
Questioning (shortened) by Phil Gerity
Comfort Zones (shortened) by Robbie Siefker

2000 Tree Talks

Judging People (shortened) by Alden Cadwell
Serving and Believing (shortened) by Chris Anderson
Finishing Well (shortened) by Jon Meredith
Community, Connection, and Living Free by Josh Olsen
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up by Owen Fink
Quality (shortened) by Peyton Williams
Individuality and Making the Most by Chris Reigeluth

1993 Tree Talks

Rethinking Yourself by Barksdale Maynard
Potential and Action by Steve Weinsier
Positive Outlook by Bill Sanford
Looking Beyond the Superficial by Sam Adams
How You Treat Others by Townley Chisholm
Compassion by Jonathan Callard
Carpe Diem by Adam deBoor

1992 Tree Talks

To Thine Own Self Be True by Jay West
Real and Superficial by Doug Camp
Integrity by Sam Adams
Individuality by Brandon Neblett
Giving 110 Percent by Latane Frank
Talking Openly with Friends by Howard Baetjer
Alumni Retrospective by John Marshall

1991 Tree Talks

Priorities and Perspective by Jon Meredith
Leadership by Nate Carmody
Enthusiasm by Chad Poist
Drake’s Prayer by Charlie Platt
Decisions by David Dunlap
Critical Periods of Growth by Townley Chisholm
Attitude by Peter O’Reilly
Achievement by Marc Bonnet-Eymard

1990 Tree Talks

Taking Risks by Alex Southall
Pasquaney Family by Cesar Collantes
Continuity and Caring by Dick Beyer
Being Yourself by Jay West
Adversity by Brandon Neblett
Accepting Responsibility by Doug Camp

1989 Tree Talks

Taking Responsibility for Yourself by Jacques Bonnet-Eymard
Risking for Growth by Townley Chisholm
Rebirth by Brian Dunlap
Positive Attitude and Perspective by David Dunlap
Intangible Achievement by Robert Thompson
Initiative by Tom Sutro
Asking for Help by Howard Baetjer

1988 Tree Talks

Self-Confidence by Neil Russakoff
Peer Pressure by Brent Powell
Lightheartedness by Mark Cooper
Hope by Teddy Winstead
Disappointment by Bill Sanford
Community by Brian Dunlap

1986 Tree Talks

Self-Reliance by Adam deBoor
Appreciation by Teddy Winstead

1985 Tree Talks

Character by Chan Hardwick

1983 Tree Talks

Lightheartedness by Peter Davies

1982 Tree Talks

Caring by Townley Chisholm

1981 Tree Talks

Adolescence by Robert Bulkeley

1980 Tree Talks

Cooperation by Chris Granger

1979 Tree Talks

Perfect Ideals by Rick Crevoiserat

1976 Tree Talks

Courage by Howard Baetjer

1973 Tree Talks

The Little Things by Tim Briney

1970 Tree Talks

Our Better Selves by Tom Valk

1966 Tree Talks

Ideals by Robert Bulkeley

1963 Tree Talks

Humility by Jake Dunnell

1961 Tree Talks

Ideals by Dave Hughes

1960 Tree Talks

Pasquaney Ideals by Jacob Dunnell

1952 Tree Talks

Francis Blake by Harold Anderson

1951 Tree Talks

Pathfinders by Dick Hunter

1936 Tree Talks

Values by Charles Stanwood

1934 Tree Talks

Pasquaney Traditions by Teddy Jackson