After a normal morning routine and our usual breakfast, the campers headed to an eventful morning activity period. Nature headed out for a Gold Mine specie and the Issac Garcia vs DJ Mills senior semi-final baseball game resumed. It was a nail-biting, sudden death game where whichever team scored the most runs in one inning would win the game. Isaac’s team went up by one in the top of the inning, then had one out on DJ’s team in the bottom of the inning with a runner on second. On a two-strike pitch, the batter hit a pop fly and the runner took off to third, but Isaac (pitcher) ran forward, caught the ball, then threw it back to second for a double play to win the game. Following that was senior swims, where Crash Ackerly broke both the sound barrier and the one minute mark in the 75-yard heat. Additionally, there was the junior singles tennis final between Fairfax Randall and Jean Vivier in which Jean was victorious. Afternoon activities started with a whitewater canoeing specie in the Crystal Gorge and a shop crunch-sesh so packed that it required the help of even the Director himself and anyone else willing to help. Meatball subs filled the stomachs of the ever-moving Glade-players who ran their dress rehearsal while the rest of camp enjoyed varied-option campfire. The rehearsal featured an overcoming of forgotten lines and an awkward wrestling match, which inspired a chorus of laughter. After campfire everyone floated back to their bunks to be serenaded by Taps. All in all, it was an amusing day

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