Today was a lazy, rainy day; many campers participated in activities like reading and writing or yoga in the morning. Nevertheless, the finals of the Senior 100-yard swims and Senior canoe tilts were held, too. Rob Blue won the final of the 100-yard swim, with Robert Harvey and Wesley Richardson placing second and third, respectively. In the afternoon, the rain stopped and the final of the Senior canoe tilt took place. Roderick Caperton and Ben Russakoff defeated Sammy Malhotra and Nicky Longo. As the weather improved, many campers played soccer on Hobbs Field. The final of the Sailing Regatta was postponed to the next day as the wind died in the afternoon, making way for “water capture-the-flag” off the bathhouse and auxiliary docks. For campfire, we had varied options, which consisted of body circuits on Birch porch, Ultimate Frisbee on Hobbs Field, play rehearsals, and a reading of Edgar Allan Poe by Mr. McElroy. It was a fun end to an unusual but great day at camp.